• ISO Distinction

ISO Distinction

On March 25, 2009, ATQ was proud to receive ISO 9001:2008 Certification for Quality Management for its system of permanent identification and traceability of Quebec agri-food products. The inclusion of the ISO standard in its business approach gives the ATQ team access to detailed, clear, precise and easy-to-follow procedures for providing the agri-food industry stakeholders with continuous processing of the data that they receive every day. This information includes all births, movements and deaths of livestock destined for human consumption, which is collected from the various agricultural industry stakeholders (producers, auctions, sorting centres, slaughterhouses, livestock carriers, etc).

In fact, this ISO standard calls for continuous improvement. Thus, the organization must efficiently manage a multi-species system of traceability in order to correct and/or prevent any sources of non-compliance - by implementing the necessary procedures, by recording the results and by evaluating the efficiency of the data processing systems included in its mandate, along with the many associated services.

Some concrete feedback – the auditors reported several strong points in ATQ's favour, including the involvement of management and employees, the appropriation of the processes by the personnel and owners, a well-structured and efficient database that undergoes constant improvement, as well as an excellent protection system for the computerized data.

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